After spending ten years doing endless self improved courses, books, CDs, medication labels from the medical profession. I came here with skeptism. If it hadn’t been recommended from a friend who said it had changed their life I wouldn’t have come. The knowledge we get to take home is as ancient as the ancestors carvings on the walls of the marae. You don’t need a book or CD. Thank you, this has given me back my Mana.

Love Barbara (AK, New Zealand)

I arrived at this Retreat with a head full of negative thoughts and a very busy cluttered mind that for years has not known how to be quiet. I knew my thoughts were suffocating me from leading a full rich life. I have read and attended many self help books and courses – but nothing could help still that busy head of mine! Having the wonderful ancestrol knowledge of the Poutama that Lucy and Denise have had gifted to them has enabled me to now live, speak and think from my “heart” What Freedom” From my heart and spirit I give thanks to Denise and Lucy and the wonderful wahine who walked this amazing journey with me and I am eternally grateful.

Love & Light Robyn (New Zealand)

I gave birth to my “right to be here”, completing this with a ritual of my birth, in the presence of lovely strong women gathered here with the intention to heal themselves. I believe I can accept my place in this world & use my heart & intuition to take me on the next part of this incredible journey. This weekend has stunned me, thank you for sharing the tools that wrenched my heart from its place of unacceptance & sadness. In calling my spirit home I re-found my true voice. My Prayer. Please let me stand & speak my truth forever more. Thank you from my newly opened heart space. My highest regard to you both & your ancestors.

With love & respect Gillian (New Zealand)